Ashley Benson’s 2017 looks are proof that the choker lives on

Whenever the always-amazing Ashley Benson tries something new, we’re quick to hop on board. What can we say?! We straight up love the PLL fave, and have adored watching Benson’s style transform. Now, we’re obsessing over Ashley Benson’s 2017 looks, because this fashion icon has never impressed us more. She seems to be taking the end of PLL as a time to really experiment with her looks, and we only wish our experiments were this successful.

One main thing Benson has added to her everyday outfits is the iconic choker. We were so happy to see chokers pop back into the fashion world in 2016, and we’re happy to see that they live on in the new year.

Ashley Benson’s 2017 looks kicked off the return of the choker starting with this ah-mazing layered style. She’s paired a gold chain choker with a thinner one, and a delicate pendant.

We are totally digging these gorgeous metallic vibes, from her choker to her bikini. Combined with her gold jewelry, this is a ridiculously ~elegant~ look with a twist.

Later, Benson switched things up by going for an all black soft choker. It’s giving us major ’90s vibes, especially paired with her band tee and wavy pink lob.

Ugh, she’s so cute! We wish we could have her closet.

It’s looking like Benson is recycling the black choker she wore nearly a year ago, and we definitely see why she’d want to reintroduce this to her wardrobe.

And can we just talk about how into her cotton candy pink lob we are?! Benson has never looked grungier, and we mean that in literally the best way possible.

Apparently 2017 is going to be an edgy year for Benson, and we’re taking notes.

While we loved her blond locks, it’s hard to deny that she looks rad AF with the pink. Paired with chokers, it’s almost too edgy for us to handle.

Thanks for the style inspo, Ashley Benson!

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