Ashley Benson just dyed her hair cotton candy pink

Baby blue may have been one of the official colors of 2016 according to Pantone, but it was pink that really had its moment — fashion, makeup and hair were all about it, and it doesn’t look like this gorgeous trend is going anywhere anytime soon! Ashley Benson fully embraced her baby blush pink dye job while celebrating her birthday with her girlfriends. What better way to ring in a new year than to switch up your look? Ashley, we just might take a cue from you…

Pink has been showing up on all our favorite celeb locks in every possible hue — we’ve seen rose gold, rose quartz, pale icy pink, hot pink — and we love them all!

It’s so pretty and vibrant while still being super soft and feminine!

What a cute birthday look!

It’s not just our fave celebs who are obsessed with all things pink when it comes to hair. The trend truly ruled every single salon across the country.

It’s a way more versatile color than it gets credit for — it can be edgy, soft, feminine, rock n roll, and more!

Ooooh, love that flamingo pink!

And it’s not just blondes who can have fun with beautiful pale colors anymore, brunettes totally got in on the game as well!

And don’t you love hearing all the names people came up with? Blushed Bronzed, that’s so pretty!

It can be as subtle and pale as you want!

Did you make it through 2016 without dying your hair some shade of pink?

All our hairstylist pals tell us it was one of the most popular requests of the year, and we don’t blame anyone for jumping on the bandwagon. It’s just too pretty! We have a feeling this trend isn’t going anywhere, either. Ashley’s lovely hair is right on target!

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