Ashley Benson Has a Fiery New Hair Color for Fall

This is autumn in a hair color.

A change in seasons always makes for the perfect time to switch up your hair look—after all, what better way to ring in a new season than by trying out a brand new hair color? Ashley Benson just debuted a unique hair color for fall: a hybrid rose gold and orange shade that looks so fiery.

Benson had been sporting her signature shade of blonde all summer long, but she’s always a fan of switching things up on a dime. Back in May, she tried the prettiest shade of cotton candy pink, and she’s been known to try witchy dark hair vibes during Octobers past. So it shouldn’t come as a major shock that she said buh-bye to the blonde in favor of something equally fun for fall. But this punk rock shade of rose gold, orange, and red? It’s totally unexpected, even for a hair chameleon like Benson.

She showed off her brand new look in a selfie on Instagram, tagging her hair gurus Violet Teriti and Matt Rez for transforming her long, mermaid-esque hair from a sunny shade of blonde to something a bit edgier.

Benson seems to have ombre hair with dirty blonde roots, then some rose gold, and, finally, an almost neon orange color on the ends.

Benson didn’t include any caption, but dare we say it was inspired by festive pumpkin spice for the season?

We really need her to share some more pics of this badass new color because we’re fully inspired to try it out for ourselves. In the meantime, we’ll just patiently wait for another glimpse at her fire-hot new hair—while calling our own stylists to let them know we have something spicy in mind for our next color session.

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