Today in bummer: “As Told By Ginger” isn’t coming back after all

We’re sorry to tell you this, but you should know that – *takes deep breath* – As Told By Ginger won’t actually be returning to Nickelodeon. (We hate to be the bearers of bad news, so just know that this is a difficult time for us all).


Over the past few days, many outlets have reported that the beloved ’90s show would soon return, reminding us all of how Ginger Foutley helped us through our tween years. She was there for us when we first learned about shaving our legs, when we tried to experiment with makeup (and unknowingly failed), and especially when we came to terms with our schools’ social hierarchies.


While Ginger won’t be there for us in the form of a reboot, she’ll always be there for us in our hearts.

“…As much as we love As Told By Ginger, there are no immediate plans for a reboot at this time,” Jean Yoo, a Nickelodeon animation spokesperson, told Seventeen.

But maybe there’s hope. After all, fandoms can accomplish a lot with their passion and persistence, which definitely isn’t in short supply when it comes to ATBG:

Now, we’d like to leave you with this ’90s treasure:


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