As Seen on TV: The Carrie Diaries

We’re back with a remake from another one of our favorite TV shows! Last time, we made a replica of Erica Christensen’s Boden sweater from Parenthood and today it’s all about The Carrie Diaries. I’m the biggest Sex and the City fan, so I totally had to tune in to catch the pre-SATC wardrobe on this prequel TV show with the adorbs AnnaSophia Robb!

Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda were the epitome of the BFF circle and Sarah Jessica Parker basically became a legend in my book after all those sick Patricia Field-designed costumes she wore. (How ‘bout that tutu she rocked in the opening credits!!) The Carrie Diaries is all over the ’80s gear and as soon as I saw the personalized purse young Carrie wears to her coveted Interview mag internship, I had to make my own!

The show version is a personalized Marc Cross purse, but my copycat piece was a garage sale score for just a few bucks! I found one that had a gold buckle to recreate a similar clasp found on Carrie’s.

Here’s a rundown of the supplies you’ll need:

1. Purse (This one from Forever 21 is virtually identical!)

2. Assorted shades of nail polish

3. Straws/toothpicks/coffee stirrers – any tool to move/adjust/arrange the polish

The first step is to put your purse on top of a layer of cardboard, newspaper, poster board; anything to protect the floor that you’re working on. and begin to flick the nail polish wands onto your bag. There’s no right or wrong way to do this – get into the groove and wave away! (Jackson Pollock would be very proud of this piece!)

I repeated the previous step with each new color of polish until I felt my design was complete. I used a whipping motion with my hand to get longer lines and let the wand drip directly onto the purse to create dots.

I opted to leave my name off of it, but go ahead and personalize if you feel like some monogramming!

Lil’ Carrie and I have matching bags!

This is something super easy to do to any of your older purses that might need a little TLC. And honestly, this is a little bit of ’80s flair that won’t have you totally looking like Flock of Seagulls, unless pompadours are your jam.

Stay tuned for more As Seen On TV posts!