As Seen On TV: ‘Scandal’

We’re back with a remake from another one of our favorite TV shows! Last time, we made a replica of Annasophia Robb’s Marc Cross splatter paint purse from The Carrie Diaries and today we’re heading into the wardrobe of Olivia Pope. Yep, we’re hitting the wardrobe of Scandal.

I always secretly wanted to be a lawyer when I was a kid, solely from watching tons of LA Law episodes (what up Victor Sifuentes!!) and I’m reliving that same moment now, where I totally want to work in DC with Kerry Washington at Olivia Pope & Associates. I could channel all my stealthy tendencies working in crisis management and maybe fall in love with Prez Fitz at the same time? What I’d really be excited about…the perfectly tailored wardrobe!! I’m obsessed with all of Olivia’s jackets and dresses, so as soon as I saw her don this fab Michael Kors piece last season in the “Happy Birthday, Mr. President” episode…

…I was instantly inspired to create one of my own!

The key to this dress is the structure – a good white shift dress base will do the trick! My copycat piece is from Dorothy Perkins and it had virtually the same structure as the Michael Kors piece.

Here’s a rundown of the supplies you’ll need:

1. Black lace trim (This is something that you can get from your local fabric store. I went with the widest trim I could find to mimic the thickness on the original piece., but if you can’t find a thick trim, you can always stitch two smaller pieces together.)

2. Sewing machine/needle & thread/safety pins – any tool that will affix the lace to the dress.

3. White dress (the Dorothy Perkins one I used is on major sale now!)

The first step is to attach your lace to the center of the dress. I pinned the lace in place all the way around the torso of the dress.

Depending on which method you choose, either safety pin the lace in place (this is great if you don’t want to fully commit to the lace around the center of your dress), hand sew the lace down, or use a sewing machine to stitch the lace in place. I used my sewing machine and chose a zig zag stitch to allow for a bit of stretch, since the dress was made of a ribbed waffle material.

That’s it! Two easy steps and I’m rocking my Olivia Pope look!

“Hey Fitz, grab me on my lace waist!”

We could be fierce twinsies, amirite??

I’m ready to take on gladiator status. Huck, show me your ways…well not all of your ways. I’m afraid of the dentist, so that teeth pulling trick is going to have to stay in the bag!

Stay tuned for more As Seen On TV posts!