As Seen on TV: ‘Parks and Recreation’ Fringe Sweatshirt

We’re back with a remake from another one of our favorite TV shows! Last time, we made a rockstar pair of dyed jeans from Pretty Little Liars and today we’re heading to Pawnee to craft a piece from Parks & Recreation. That’s right, time to make a stop in the Parks Department and drop off some waffles for Leslie Knope,

I’ve pretty much been a fan of Parks & Rec since the get go. Obsessed with Ron Swanson’s mustache and his penchant for meat. Obsessed with the fact that Donna Meagle’s cousin is Ginuwine. Obsessed that Tom Haverford started a company called Rent-A-Swag. Obsessed that a miniature horse, Li’l Sebastian, is the town’s mascot.

This season has seen Leslie Knope get ousted from her city council gig, Ann and Chris head off into the parenting yonder, and Tom lose Rent-A-Swag to his BFF Jean-Ralphio’s dad, so genius-ly played by Henry Winkler. (PS, the friendship between Aziz Ansari and Ben Schwartz is probably one of my fave on TV at this moment. I. Mean.)

There was an amazing sweatshirt that Jenny Slate (playing Jean-Ralphio’s sister Mona Lisa) wore earlier in the season that I became obsessed with.

It was a basic grey sweatshirt with suede fringe on the front of it made by Stolen Girlfriend.

…and to me was the perfect piece to DIY. This is something that can easily be done with a grey shirt that’s already in your collection or one from Old Navy (which is the one that I used)

Here’s a rundown of the supplies you’ll need:

1. Suede fringe trim from your local craft store (this is from M&J Trimming)

2. Fabric glue or thread (Aileen’s Fabric Fusion is a great option)

3. Grey sweatshirt (here’s the Old Navy one I used (*it’s on sale for less than $6!! but there isn’t full sizing. Here’s another great option from Kohl’s that can also work.)

I began with my grey sweatshirt and placed the trim in a V shape to mimic the original piece.

With the V shape made, I began to pin the fringe trim in place.

Once the trim was pinned down…

…I grabbed a magazine to put in-between the sweatshirt layers…

…and started to glue the trim in place. This is a heavy-duty fabric adhesive so the trim will stick super-duper well! If you have a sewing machine, a quick stitch at the fringe seam will work like a charm as well.

Once the glue dried and the trim was affixed, it was time to wear the sweatshirt!

Jenny Slate is my brunette sista.

I kind of want to join the Saperstein family. Jean-Ralphio as my brother and Mona Lisa as my sister? I already sing my words, so I’ll fit in just fine.

This is such a comfortable piece to add to the wardrobe…

…and it couldn’t be easier to make!!

Oh, and Mona Lisa’s tiger necklace is totally legit.

I opted to go sans necklace, but you can get a matching version of hers at TopShop. The more I look at it the more I want it!

I think I would totally move to Pawnee in a heartbeat if it were real. April Ludgate is my spirit animal, so it would be the best move ever.

Stay tuned for more As Seen On TV posts!

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