As Seen On TV: ‘New Girl’

So, how obsessed do you get when you’re watching your fave show (I’m addicted to television, so we can really insert any show here, er well, any show aside from Law & Order: SVU which I lurve, but get nightmares from) and see a character wearing the dopest threads that you NEED to own? This happens to me on the reg. I’m a ride-or-die DIY gal, so when I see wardrobes I love, I tend to get out the sewing machine or fabric dye and get workin’.

This column is going to remake some of your favorite TV character’s wardrobes in a totally accessible way, whether you’re a crafty queen or someone who might hot glue their fingers instead of their project.

We’re tackling the fab red dress that our spirit animal, Jess Day (the lovely Zooey Deschanel), wears in the opening credits of “New Girl”.

Hers is by Zara and our version is going to be DIY’ed from a vintage Jessica McClintock dress. Can I get a what, what from anyone else out there who wore one of these dresses to their 8th grade formal (I’m raising my hand as I rocked a JMcC dress or six at school dances growing up on Long Island)?

Here’s the before look:

The key to recreating this piece is getting the length, the cute pleats at the waist, the sleeves, and the color right. To start, we’ll tackle the red hue. Using some fabric dye in Scarlet, the dress was put in the washing machine in a hot/white color wash along with the dye.

Post-wash and dry, the lace and sequined applique on the front of the dress was taken off with a seam ripper to reveal a simple facade.

The netting at the neckline was trimmed next and then the cuffs at the ends of the sleeves were removed. We’re getting closer!

To achieve the same above-the-knee length, the dress was shortened by a foot. Once the appropriate length was measured, it was pinned in place and then stitched down (for those without a sewing machine, there’s always fabric glue. Fray Check or Stitch Witchery as no-sew options).

After shortening, the lookalike dress was ready to wear!

Because the Jessica McClintock dress had a brocade fabric the raised cotton stitches were more pronounced and the color was two-toned, however, this gives it an extra bit of character!

Whether you find a dress that’s identical to the original Zara piece that needs some length adjustment, or a perfect replica in white that only needs to be dyed, your Jess Day opening credits dress is on the horizon!

Get ready for a “Two Broke Girls” remake to come next time! I think Molly will be proud!