As Seen on TV: ‘Hart of Dixie’

We’re back with a remake from another one of our favorite TV shows! Last time, we made a pair of sparkly Swarovski encrusted heels that Emma Roberts donned in American Horror Story: Coven and today we’re going south to the Hart of Dixie, y’all!

I’ve only just recently hopped onto the Hart of Dixie bandwagon (where have I been???) but being a big, huge fan of The OC, (Summer Roberts, er, Rachel Bilson is back!) and a big, huge fan of Friday Night Lights (Scott Porter luckily does not get injured in this show!) I got completely sucked in.

Nothing like solving medical cases, watching love triangles between bad boys (Wade) and proper gents (George) in Bluebell, Alabama, and seeing the fabulous Southern belle wardrobe of Lemon Breeland (Jaime King) from week to week to get you totally sucked in. PS, her name is Lemon – kind of the coolest name ever. (PS, if I lived in Bluebell, and had a fruit name I’d go with Tangerine or Raspberry.)

I immediately became obsessed with a shirt that Lemon wore earlier this season, mostly because it screamed “DIY me”! It was something that I knew could be crafted in a cinch. The actual shirt on Jaime is by ASOS…

…and when I went to their site to scope it out, I saw that they had two color options – melon and navy. I had a navy Forever 21 blouse in my closet already that was the same shape as the ASOS version, so I switched up the color a bit and went with navy.

The key to this piece is a round neckline that the lace or crochet trim can be added to the edge of.

Here’s a rundown of the supplies you’ll need:

1. Lace trim or a crocheted doily (You can cut the scalloped edging from the doily to make it work if you have one at home or can snag one from your mom’s stash!)

2. Safety pins (These will work if you want a non-permanent lace neck.)

3. Thread & needle (For a more permanent lace neck.)

4. Your base blouse/top (I found a similar blouse in coral by Debenham’s)

I began with two pieces of lace trim that I found at my local craft store. I played around with where I wanted to lay them before pinning them in place.

Once the location was set, I pinned the lace to the blouse (1) and began to hand stitch the lace directly to the top, post-pinning (2). I love things that aren’t permanent, so this is also something that you can make by just safety pinning the lace to the neckline so it’s easily removable.

In less than 20 minutes, you’ve got a new shirt that rivals Lemon’s!

It’s something super easy that can work on the edge of basically anything!

It’s a dainty little addition and a super sweet touch to become a Southern belle in no time.

Now I’m ready take a bus to Bluebell, AL just like Rachel Bilson did! Who else is in for a road trip??

Stay tuned for more As Seen On TV posts!