As Seen On TV: ‘2 Broke Girls’

I’m back with a remake from another one of my favorite TV shows! Last time, Zooey’s red dress from the opening credits of “New Girl” got tackled and this go around I’m headed into ‘2 Broke Girls” territory. Our girl, founder Molly McAleer, is a writer on the show which is obviously why it’s one of my favorites.

How obsessed am I with Max and Caroline and their hijinks at the Williamsburg Diner? I mean, I am the ultimate sweet tooth, so each time I see their cupcakes being peddled, it’s snack attack time! But the thing that I love most is that FAH-BULOUS pearl necklace that Caroline wears 24/7. It’s time to DIY this one today so we can all be Brooklyn waitress chic!

(Sidenote: I totally wish when I was a server that the uniforms were as cute as the vintage 70s looking ones on the show. I had a three-sizes-too-big white button down/tie combo which was so not cute!)

Here’s a rundown of the supplies you’ll need:

1. Pearls in two sizes (10mm/12mm)

2.. Jewelry Pliers

3. Eye Pins (looped bottom pin)

4. Head Pins (flat bottom pin)

5. Gold Chain

6. Jump Rings

7. Toggle Clasp

The first step is creating the chain that the pearls will hang from. Measure your neck and cut two different lengths of chain – one that will fall closer to the neck and another that will be a little longer, just like Caroline’s. (My two lengths were 17” and 21”).

Connect the ends of both chains to one jump ring along with one piece of the toggle clasp then do the same for the other side with the other piece of the clasp.

With the chain created, it’s time to make the pearl duos.

I measured out 15 sets of pearls for the bottom/longer chain and eight sets of pearls for the top/upper chain by counting out five links in between the each pearl set.

The pearl duos are made up of a larger pearl at the top and a smaller one below. Start with the smaller pearls (10mm) and bring a head pin through the hole in the bead and create a loop at the end with pliers.

Repeat the previous step with the larger pearls (12mm) and the eye pins. Put the other bead onto the pin before creating a loop at the end, to connect the pearls. (I had longer eye pins so I snipped off the excess wire with wire cutters – smaller eye pins will not need any trimming!)

With the sets of dangling pearls created, it’s time to attach them to the chain. You can either attach them with jump rings, or open up the loop at the top of the eye pin, put it around a link in the chain, and then close it up with pliers, which is what I did.

Continue this step, leaving about five links in-between each set of pearls, until you get all the way around the necklace. Just to make sure the necklace was evenly spaced and centered, I started attaching the pearls in the center working my way out.


New necklace á la Caroline Channing! Hers is Chanel, but this one looks just like it.

I’m channeling my inner Max while wearing my Caroline necklace.

Hmm, perhaps a little change needs to be made?

So who’s in for a double at the diner along with some Han-nanigans? Woo, pun! (Rimshot time!)

Stay tuned for more As Seen On TV posts!