As it turns out, Bill Murray is a pretty big Lupe Fiasco fan

He was in the public eye a lot during the World Series, and now he’s popping up again at concerts. From the looks of it, Bill Murray is a fan of rapper Lupe Fiasco, and doesn’t like missing his performances. In fact, he’s such a big supporter, that he’s the loudest voice you’ll hear when it’s time for an encore.

Could it be because Lupe Fiasco is another act from Chicago, or is Murray a fan of rap? Maybe both.

What we do know is, Fiasco originally set to have three albums debut this year, and unfortunately, a few setbacks took him away from this lofty goal. At least the Murray appearance likely boosted his morale, and proved that he can totally turn things around next year.

Judging by that tweet, that might be the case. We suspect that Murray gives some excellent career advice. We mean, it’s rare for Murray to take on a project that’s not phenomenal.

Now, here’s the cute part — look how enthusiastic Murray is over this encore.


(We can watch that a billion times. It just never gets old.)

This is another adorable shot of Murray enjoying the show. false

Can he just show up to every concert? Can we all just start a band, send Murray a demo tape, and hope he comes out to support us? Can he legally be related to us? Any of these scenarios would be ideal.

Two out of three of Fiasco’s albums, Drogas, Drogas Light and Skulls, are reportedly already recorded. That means that we should definitely be on the lookout for new music in 2017.