This “Game of Thrones” theory suggests Arya is going to be just FINE — she has Lady Crane’s help

Spoilers ahead, friends. Unless you enjoy spoilers about one of the biggest (but certainly not the last) OMG moments of this Game of Thrones season.

At the end of “The Broken Man,” Arya seems to be well on her way to getting the hell out of Braavos. She’s left her life as a Faceless Man behind, unearthed Needle, and has found a ship to take her home to Westeros.

Then Waif appears, disguised as an old woman, and stabs Arya in the stomach. Waif stabs Arya A LOT.


Jaqen H’ghar had ordered Arya killed, and it appears as if that’s what’s going to happen. She’s going to bleed out from her wounds, and be unable to recover. OR IS SHE?

A theory posted to Reddit by passingwisdom mentions one other recent thing we’re forgetting: Arya just saved Lady Crane’s life. She seems to have a new bond with Lady Crane, and a life for a life, right? Is it possible that Lady Crane helped Arya actually fake this attack?

“I believe [Arya] has 1 or more pigs blood pouches around her body,” passingwisdom writes. “She knows where and how to do this because last episode…she saved [Lady Crane]. The actress then provided her help to make the scene on the bridge large and realistic.”

This seems a little farfetched, yes. But consider the fact that Game of Thrones has dedicated A LOT of precious time during this season to the play-within-a-show. Elements from it have to come back in some way. The first time we actually see the play (when Arya sees it for the first time) Robert Baratheon’s death is shown on stage, and he’s stabbed in the stomach, with his intestines coming out.


Oddly, or MAYBE NOT ODDLY, Arya is stabbed in this same spot. Blood comes gushing out. FORESHADOWING?

With Lady Crane’s access to the play’s fake blood and guts, and a new life debt to Arya, she could have easily have supplied whatever was needed to convincingly fake a death.

Whatever the case, A Girl better survive Season 6.

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