In a deleted scene, Arya calls out “Game of Thrones” critics in the most perfectly subtle way

Ever wondered the best way to handle harsh criticism? Well, the characters of Games of Thrones just showed us how to nip it in the bud when you’re sick and tired of hearing it. In a deleted scene, included with Game of Thrones’ Season 6 DVD release, Arya graciously called out critics of the show, and we think it was totally necessary.

The clip, which is part of a longer scene at the beginning of Season 6, Episode 5, “The Door,” where Arya watches a grotesque play in Braavos that basically recaps everything we’ve seen so far on the show, two women near Arya react negatively to the play. One even complains, “Violence and profanity. How original.” Arya then interrupts their carping with the most perfect response ever!

“Why don’t you just leave then?”

The HBO hit gets a lot of hate for being overly violent and sexual, and even hard to watch at times. And instead of just flipping the channel, those who aren’t particularly fans of the show still tune in each week. We guess the show’s creators were finally fed up with all of the bashing.

This is totally a lesson for all of us dealing with daily criticism to stand up for ourselves. We don’t have to respond it as directly as Arya did in Game of Thrones, but we shouldn’t feel bad about putting an end to it!

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