Drake, Missy Elliot, and SO many others showed their support for Lil Wayne this week

In case you haven’t heard, things are a little tough for Lil Wayne right now. According to Vulture, he’s had legal issues with Universal Music Group and his record label Cash Money, and the stress seems to be getting to him.

On Saturday, Lil Wayne posted this very concerning Tweet.

And although he soon followed up with these Tweets clarifying that he’s okay…

The music community are still showering him with love and support, which is making us feel all the feels right now.

Here’s what Chance the Rapper had to say:

Missy Elliot.

Young Thug.

Drake posted a particularly passionate message in support of his friend.

And of course, Lil Wayne’s fans also stepped up to voice their support, begging him not to give up music. 


We hope that Lil Wayne finds the serenity he’s looking for, and that his situation improves as soon as possible. We also can’t express how happy we are to see social media being used as a tool for support, compassion, and positivity (as we wish it ALWAYS was).

All too often, virtual spaces like Twitter and Instagram end up serving as vessels for totally unnecessary, hurtful comments, but seeing this outpouring if love reminds us that positivity is out there people!


Stay strong, Lil Wayne! We’re rooting for you.