This incredible young artist’s portraits are 100% beautiful #BlackGirlMagic

You may or may not have noticed that we have a soft spot for totally empowering, beautiful, and important works of art. And now we’ve just found a new love. We just came across these KILLER portraits by Dejah Greene, a self-taught photographer based in Maryland, and we cannot handle how amazing they are. Otherwise known as @greeneuphorias on both Instagram and Tumblr, Dejah is talented AF, and we can’t stop scrolling through her feed.

Here are some of our favorite portraits because there is nothing quite as magical as #BlackGirlMagic.

1. This ~artsy~ beauty

We told you she’s talented.

2. This graceful gaze

As if you needed more proof.

3. This magical shot

Yes, yes, yes.

4. This dreamy, dreamy piece

Heart eyes x 100,000,000.

5. And this one

We LOVE this.

6. Literal #BlackGirlMagic

We are all about it.

7. This geometric shot

Such a cool twist.

8. This muted photo

Ah, the colors. They know our souls.

9. This absolutely stunning work

So good it hurts.

10. This lovely blossom

So delicate.

11. This vivid self portrait

Brilliantly bright.

12. This upward gaze

What a rad angle.

13. This perfect #Lemonade tribute

An ode to Queen Bey.

14. This total beauty

Oh, hey, #BlackGirlMagic.

15. This glorious shot

Totally perf.

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