This artist’s hyperreal Disney princesses are taking over Instagram

Disney fan art only seems to be getting better and better. We’ve had adorable mermaid-inspired approaches as well as very clever minimal approaches.

And now we have this stunning hyperreal reimagination from Philippines-based artist Abigail Diaz.

There’s this glamorous Ariel in her pink dress, posing like an Instagram star.

And then this magical Mulan ready for battle and piercing our souls with that stare!

And finally last, but certainly not least, is Cinderella giving us major Insta-pose inspiration in her live-action movie styled dress.

Bonus: there’s even a beautiful Emma Watson as Hermione…or as we like to think of it our future live-action Belle!

Lucky for us, this is just the FIRST in Diaz’s series of Disney princesses, so…keep your eyes peeled for future magic!

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