This artist turns paper into totally stunning nature sculptures, and we’re in awe

We love, love, love super unique and on-trend art, so when we learned about Kate Kato’s AMAZING nature sculptures, our nature-loving souls were *beyond* thrilled. There’s just something about Kato’s work that is so soothing, and also just freakin’ impressive. The sculptor, collector and nature lover turns obsessions with paper, entomology and flora and fauna into these amazingly beautiful pieces, and we’re totally baffled with the amount of detail behind each and every one. Plus, Kato does commissions, so you can even get something personalized! Like we said: AH-MAZING.

Here are some of our fave nature sculptures:

1. This tiny piece of perfect

2. This fungi

3. This pretty scene

4. This gorgeous combo

5. These flowers

6. These butterflies

7. These mushrooms

8. These adorable beetles

9. These ferns

10. This amazing sculpture

11. This sweet little piece