This artist reimagined your favorite Disney characters as kids and the results are insanely clever

Lorna Kelleher is a VERY talented illustrator from Ireland. And not only is she as big a fan of Disney, cats, and Game of Thrones (the perfect trifecta), but she also has a clever approach to reimagining your favorite Disney characters.

And we’re seriously enjoying this latest adorable installment, which illustrates them as kids.

Like this perfectly rendered kid Flounder with an adorable mohawk.

And this kid Nemo and kid Squirt combo who are ready to hang ten.

This super sweet kid Dory complete with beautiful blue locks.

This kid Sully and kid Mike (OMG the eyepatch!! :-D) playing with Boo.

And finally, this adorable kid Ariel showing a mixed bag of emotions.

And it looks like Kelleher plans on adding to this series for the rest of the month, so if you have a request, get ’em in now!

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