This artist recreated Beyoncé’s pregnancy shoot with cheese, and it’s deliciously weird

In 2017 we’ve come to expect the unexpected, so when we saw that someone had re-created Beyoncé’s pregnancy photo with cheese (yes, with cheese) we have to say that we weren’t that surprised.

Earlier this year, Beyoncé practically broke the internet by announcing that she was pregnant WITH TWINS. The singer broke the news via a photoshoot, some of which she shared on Instagram, and people went into a complete meltdown. In fact, the announcement photo quickly became the most liked picture on Instagram EVER. So far, the incredibly elegant and now iconic image has picked up over 10.8 million (!) likes (SLAAAAY).

Of course, being Queen Bey ?, the photoshoot encouraged a slew of copycats, including a star of Grey’s Anatomy and an actual chihuahua.

However the strangest recreation we’ve seen so far HAS to be Brie-Oncé — a Beyoncé statue made out of cheese.

While part of us wishes we were kidding, the other part of us is in so in awe that such majesty exists that we applaud the cheese gods for allowing it.

Basically, Brie-Oncé was made for the East Village Cheese and Wine festival in London, and, upsettingly, wasn’t actually made of Brie at all.

Rather, the statue is made from five blocks of cheddar cheese, and took 28 hours (!) to make.

Check out the full picture of Brie-Oncé below.

According to CNN, sculpture David Bradley came up with the cheesy idea together alongside London-based ad agency The Robin Collective.

Speaking about the process and naming the creation, Brandy Klingelpuss, creative director of The Robin Collective, said that it wasn’t an easy task.

"A lot of cheese puns floated around, and Brie-oncé was the one everyone liked the most," he revealed. "We talked about putting Babybel in the stomach, but it never actually happened."

If you want to see this cheesy creation with your own eyes and you’re based in London, you can head down to the East Village E20 Cheese Carving Championships, which are taking place this Saturday (April 1st).

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