This artist gives your fave pop stars a Disney-fied makeover and his portraits are gorgeous

Whether we’re wishing for talking animal sidekicks, magic carpet rides or just yearning to sleep for a few years alone in a tower, it’s easy to wish our lives were Disney movies. Enter artist Daniel Kordek, who is doing his part to make it happen, as he gives our favorite pop stars a gorgeous Disney-fied makeover, turning them into animated, photo-realistic hybrids. How do we describe this art? It’s not a caricature, because it’s flattering and too beautiful. It’s not straight-up cartoony, with those sleek brush strokes and sparkling eyes. So what is it? We think it’s somewhere in between the 2D style of animation we used to see in the ’70s through the ’90s, mixed with the new wave Disney and Pixar realness that we’re seeing these days in Moana, Inside Out and Frozen. Take a look!

These animated portraits are just gorgeous and have us wanting some kind of Disney-style animated super stage show. Is that too much to ask?

Is it Justin Beiber, or the younger brother of the Prince in human form at the end of Beauty and the Beast? You decide.

Uh, did someone say Powerpuff Girls reboot? (Non-Disney, sure. Necessary? We think so.)

It’s Madonna in the only way we haven’t seen Madonna yet.

We’re ecstatic that Amy Schumer is playing Barbie in a movie next year, but if she bailed, we think Rihanna looks the part in this adorable work of art:

Hit me baby one more time…with those deliciously inky brush strokes! Britney deserves to become the newest Disney princess, she’s paid her dues (just by living through the year 2008).

Selena Gomez radiates in this ethereal portrait of her angelic self. We can’t get enough.

If the year was 1939, Judy Garland would be your fave pop star. Look how gorg:

Demi Lovato looks as badass as ever in the pen and ink version of herself:

Hello. It’s…Adele looking like she stepped out of gorgeously gothic set Pixar movie.

And if you didn’t see this one coming… shame on you.

Makes you want to grab a pad and start scribbling, doesn’t it? Please, Disney Studios, we think we found your newest hire!

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