This artist paints with virtual reality, and her results are mind-blowing on so many levels

You never know what the next piece of technology to change everything will be. Some are hoping it’s flying cars, while others just want to teleport. We’re seriously blown away by the possibilities of virtual reality, though. Teek Mach, an artist who paints with virtual reality, gets mind-blowing results on so many level.

Teek Mach was instantly open to the possibility of using VR to enhance her art. With a Google-created program called Tilt Brush, she creates 3D works of art that you can actually fly through.

As she explains in an interview with Mashable, her house is pretty small, but her work in the VR field means that physical barriers, like gravity and space, matter less.

How does Tilt Brush work?

In addition to making you look like a futuristic robot, this specific VR technology allows you draw in 3D. The rules of gravity do not apply! That means you can actually walk through your own painting. You control the colors, textures and how thick the lines are. The rest is just your ability to draw, translated into zeros and ones.

Teek’s artwork has been featured in Westworld and used as background by the Smashing Pumpkins. But after first trying out Tilt Brush, she quickly realized that it was the exact direction her artwork needed to go into. Now she spends 8 to 10 hours a day painting in the virtual reality space. Furthermore, Teek creates entire worlds that you can travel through and explore.

Live drawing in virtual reality

The coolest part about this virtual reality experience is that it can be projected for others to see. Teek has been working with an orchestra, painting live while the music surrounds her. That means you can walk through a song just by putting on a pair of special glasses.

While flying cars sound pretty cool, we’ll settle for virtual reality painting for now.