This artist’s optical illusions prove that makeup can be real art

Ladies, we don’t need to stare at those crazy Magic Eye puzzles or admire a Dali or Picasso painting to see some crazy optical illusions — South Korean artist Dain Yoon has won the internet with her fantastic optical illusions — created literally on her body. Using watercolors, Yoon intricately (not to mention surreally) recreates her facial features and body parts, and then turns them into what Maya Allen describes for Seventeen as “makeup masterpieces.” We have to agree. Below are some of her most mind-blowing creations:

Self-love, re-imagined

We feel serious hints of Pan’s Labyrinth with this one

How is this even happening?

Cloudy with a chance of mind blown.

Seriously, is she fading in front of us?

She’s literally a work of art.

What time is it? Time to get a watch. Or paint one on yourself.

We don’t know what we like more: her makeup or the cute polka-dot top!

I have similar tile in my bathroom. Now I’m afraid to go in there.

No matter how much we blink, we can’t quite focus.

She gives Where’s Waldo? a run for his money.

The Mad Hatter would get a kick out of this.

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