This artist makes Disney-inspired lunches for her son, is officially the coolest mom ever

Shout out to all the kids who went to school with their lunches packed neatly inside of a kick-ass Super Mario Bros. lunch box. But we’re guessing that clique doesn’t include this kid named Jacob whose food artist mom creates Disney-inspired lunches because these meals are way too exquisite to be shoved inside of a plastic container. Like fine wine, they need to breathe and see the light of day because how else would anyone know how insanely detailed and creative they are?

According to Cosmo, artist Laleh Mohemedi is responsible for assembling these culinary creations from foods like chicken, pasta, quinoa and kale. One scroll through the photos on her Instagram page Jacob’s Food Diaries will leave you inspired – and drooling uncontrollably.

Prepare to have your mind blown by this edible Elsa:

OK, so sushi is absolutely everything, but we don’t think it’s possible to devour this gorgeous Kung Fu Panda display:

Just like when we saw the movie, we’re choking back tears at this glorious Up-inspired masterpiece:

Mash potatoes, black bean noodles, egg plant and wild rice make for a pretty, peculiar and palatable Miss Peregrine:

The only nightmare you’re not afraid to face IRL:

This dyed rice, lamb shank and veggie genie is obviously genius:

An amphibian twist on avocado toast:

Here’s a perfect puppet on a platter:

So, we’ve heard of making plates look pretty, but Mohemedi’s impeccable presentations are in a class of their own.