This artist imagined North West if she was a Disney princess and it’s unbearably cute

We love it when artists reimagine Disney princesses to look like modern teensnew moms, relatable millennials, and even moody silhouettes.

But what about when an artist reimagines an actual living person – such as Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s daughter North West – to resemble a Disney princess?

And not only that, but also reimagines them in the style of Rugrats, Bratz, The Powerpuff Girls, and Monster High?

That’s what 19-year-old Cian Halliwell (aka artbycian) did for the #stylechallenge – and the result is absolutely amazing. Are you ready?!

Clearly this girl is mega talented, and displays a lot of range. Here’s her larger drawing of North West.

The resemblance is spot on!

And oh look, Halliwell draws Kylie Jenner too!

But it all comes back to North West.

We hope that North West has seen these, because it’s not every day that a toddler gets a Disney makeover by someone they don’t even know. Dear Cian, more where this came from please!

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