This artist drew her daughter’s outfits every day for two years. The results are amazing.

Jenny Williams, an artist who lives in Williamsburg, is one of the coolest moms, ever. For two whole years, Williams drew her daughter Clementine’s outfits almost every day. She also drew sketches of her sons and her daughter’s friends’ outfits, because you might as well, right? These drawings capture the outfit choices of a bunch of teenagers and their quirky, cool styles. The resulting images are ethereal, so whimsical and startlingly personal, I almost feel like I know these girls (and I definitely want to borrow their clothes). Drawing your children every day is a commitment, but it’s a gorgeous way to craft memories.

These sketches started off on Williams’ blog, What My Daughter Wore, and there you can scroll through seemingly-endless portraits of the fashionable teens in the artist’s life. The blog became so popular, that Williams released a book of the same title as her blog.

In an interview with NY Mag, Erica Schwiegershausen asked Williams what about her daughter’s style intrigued her, and the mom responded, “I think that she’s very creative adn very unique. She never took much input from me —I dressed her for the first year or so, but ever since she was about 1 1/2, she’s had her own ideas about how to dress. I remember there was an entire year when she was 2 or 3 that she only wanted to wear a Danskin leotard —a convenient thing right around toilet training.”

I can already see a future career in fashion design for this innovative teen! Check out some of Jenny Williams’ drawings —who knows, you might be inspired to renovate your own wardrobe.

This whole look seems very Margot Tenenbaum-inspired. We totally dig it.

Look at this girl and her effortlessly awesome leopard print cardigan!

This patriotic helmet pairs pretty wonderfully with that warm, chocolate-hued winter coat.

Sometimes, all you need is a Florence and the Machine over-sized tee-shirt and some mismatched necklaces to get just the right look.

This bowler hat is sophisticated and completes the whole Fiona Apple circa ’96 look.

Because everyone should own a top hat with a green feather in it.

This outfit looks like something Angela from My So-Called Life would wear. That choker necklace takes us way, way back.

We love this fun look like XO!

Pink lipstick, drawn-on cat-whiskers and a zebra shirt? Well, OBVIOUSLY.

All images by Jenny Williams

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