This artist creates massive optical illusions that will *definitely* give you vertigo

Whoa — this is seriously the coolest thing. Peter Kogler is an internationally renowned Austrian artist who creates hypnotic installations. They’ll make you dizzy just by looking at them on the internet, but imagine actually being in one. (Major #vertigo risk here, guys.)

Kohler lives and works in Vienna and recently had a psychedelic installation at the ING Art Center in Brussels. Using paint and projections, he turns ordinary galleries, lobbies and transit centers into distorted, curving, twisted experiences. Like a hand-drawn funhouse, they look like they could cause hallucinations.

Born in Innsbruck in 1959, Peter is a pioneer of computer-generated art. Creating original art for more than 30 years, he’s still blowing the art world’s mind.

His installations are both immersive and sculptural, completely redefining physical space.

The optical illusions he places on otherwise blank walls challenges the viewer’s sense of depth, and likely their equilibrium.

To make his work even more maddening, he sometimes incorporate pipes, ants, and snake-like patterns into his work.

Or, sometimes he adds in a dizzying color.

He doesn’t currently have an installation running, but you can practice getting your footing by pouring over his work on Instagram, or on his website.