This super cool artificial intelligence app wants to help you stay safe at the beach

Artificial intelligence is taking over the digital space. From gaming to shopping and even home function, artificial intelligence is bringing a new kind of security and convenience to users. However, one artificial intelligence app in particular is looking to help you stay safe at the beach. Is this another essential item for your next beach trip?

The Android app, Pocket Patrol, is aiming to make a difference when it comes to making beaches safer for swimmers and beach-dwellers.

Developed with Australia’s Surf Life Saving organization, Pocket Patrol features augmented reality in the form of A.I., educating swimmers about rip currents — which can be hard to recognize and potentially dangerous to swimmers. The app will also help teach the hidden dangers that can make the ocean so deadly, such as submerged rocks and shallow sandbanks.

So how exactly does the app work?

IRL lifeguards are monitoring the conditions of these rip currents throughout the day, and their gathered information is then mapped out directly on the app so users can see the locations of rip currents. What if reading a map not really your thing? Don’t worry, the app has you covered. Instead, users can simply point their handsets towards the water, and digital signposts for dangerous spots in the ocean will pop up on their screen. Pretty cool, huh?

Pocket Patrol is still undergoing trials this month.

The developers stress that it is impossible for the app to be completely foolproof and maintain a minute by minute awareness of the rip tides -- the main point of Pocket Patrol is to teach you how to spot rip tides yourself.

Once it hits app stores, there’s no doubt that it can make an impact against any dangers that could interrupt your next beach trip.

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