This sculptor built a gorgeous piece out of art of chocolate, and yes, you can eat it

We thought we’d heard it all when it comes to art exhibits, but here’s something new and totally delightful: an art exhibit made out of chocolate. Kristiane Kegelmann is a trained pastry chef and artist who merged her two loves into an incredible exhibit that isn’t just meant to be appreciated aesthetically but, like, also with your mouth.

The exhibit is called “Bittersweet,” and it opened in Berlin last month.

Kegelmann created her edible art by mixing chocolate with vegetables, fruit, seeds, and nuts… and obviously, it’s all assembled in a beautiful way.

We really admire Kristiane’s dedication to this endeavor, not least because we want to see slash eat it ASAP. She told Slow Words:

"After I have found the perfect taste of the project I go into design. Each conception involves a new challenge. I work with statics and architectural constructions, simple design, matching color combinations, and structures of the surfaces. The smell of it usually is quite strong and tasty. So it’s a double surprise and pleasure either for the eyes and the senses.

And the pieces don’t look like what you’d expect at all.

They look too good to eat? And we’re already a little unsure of the etiquette of art exhibitions — do you dress fancy or devil-may-care hipster chic? Are you allowed to speak above a whisper? Do you have to wear a beret? How much of the free wine are you allowed to drink before you’re taking advantage of starving artists?

One thing is for sure, though: with this artist around, art exhibit attendees will never be starving again.