This artist creates the the most intricate sculptures out of pencil tips

You might use pencils to create art, but do you ever create art ON pencils? Salavat Fidai does. Because why draw something with boring lead, when you can actually sculpt the lead into dazzling tiny sculptures, all on the tip of a pencil? 

Looking at some of his creations, you might think to yourself, “Yeah, but there’s a lot of space to work with on the tip of a pencil!” and you’d be wrong. Fidai has shared videos to his Instagram of the actual sculpting process, and he is literally holding them on the tip of his fingers. The tip! Look down at your finger right now, because that’s like HALF the space Fidai is using to create this artwork.

If this sounds like something you NEED TO HAVE but know in your heart you’ll never be able to make it yourself (and truth, you never will this is some next level art), Fidai actually sells these carved pencils in his Etsy shop. A miniature of the Eiffel Tower will set you back $700. Basically pocket change.

You can check out all of Fidai work over on his Instagram and website.