Good news, this beloved “Arrested Development” character is returning for Season 5

Forget about the Bluths, because some of the real stand out stars of Arrested Development are the supporting characters. There’s nothing more exciting than seeing Kitty, Gene Parmesan, Lucille 2, Ann, and Franklin pop up in an episode, even if they are only onscreen for a few seconds and serve as the butt of a joke.

With Season 5 of the series quickly approaching (~sometime~ in the future, hopefully next year), the Bluths are back at work filming. While not many details are known about the new season, we do know some familiar faces will be back at Balboa Towers. Namely, all the Bluths, and also maybe the most iconic Arrested Development character ever: The Bluth Family Banana Stand.

Tony Hale, who will once again reprise the role of Buster “Mom’s Great” Bluth in the series, just shared a photo of him and everyone’s favorite pier-side snack location:

There’s one big clue about Season 5 here, and it’s the addition of what appear to be colored lights around the Banana Stand window. Might Season 5 be taking place during the holidays? More important question, does the Bluth Banana Stand offer any sort of seasonal offerings? Like, maybe a Christmas themed banana covered in candy canes? And pretty sure at one point in prison George Sr. found Judaism, and I would totally be on board with matzoh-covered bananas — that seems like something GOB would think up.

No word yet on if the stair car will make a triumphant return and/or the Aztec Tomb, but cross your fingers.

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