Now we know what ‘Arrested Development’ characters are binge-watching on Netflix

Sometimes Netflix just gets us in a way we never thought possible. Not only does the site treat me as a best friend — and email me the second new seasons of my favorite shows go up on the site, something my real human best friend does, too — but it knows when I need a good chuckle. Anyone who’s ever spent an hour (or two) searching for the right movie/show to watch knows that sometimes the site can get a little slaphappy (see the “cool mustache” category). Well, now the site has gone and planted another little hidden treasure for us: we can now see what the characters from Arrested Development have recently watched.

Netflix bough the rights to Arrested Development — after it was canceled at the end of the third season on Fox, something I’m still upset about — and not only started streaming the three seasons of the critically acclaimed show, but also gave us that four season (I loved it. To each their own). And now, as you’re scrolling through the site, looking for the perfect television show to start binging on at 4am on a Saturday, you might not only see what you’ve recently watched, but also what Tobias Fünke has watched, too.

For starters, oldest brother G.O.B. Bluth, has watched an alarming number of programs about magic, like a movie called Magicians, a movie called Camp Magic, and a TED talk on Illusions. Also, something about a chicken.

Meanwhile, Tobias has watched Mission Blue, The Birdcage, Kinky Boots, and How To Be A Man.

Buster Bluth is sticking to shows like Freaks and Geeks, Bates Motel and he also recently watched Hook (we see what you did there, Netflix).

I searched for George Michael and Maeby’s viewing history with no luck, but maybe that’s a surprise yet to come. I bet they both give Les Cousins Dangereux five stars.

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