Ron Howard is officially back for “Arrested Development,” and we just blue ourselves

Fire up the cornballer and someone go get Pop-Pop in the attic, because this is some pretty big Arrested Development news. The iconic narrator of the series, Ron Howard, is officially back on board with the Bluths, and this is cause to celebrate — like maybe by throwing a fundraiser with some questionable acronyms? Buying some diamond cream? Cramming everyone into the Aztec Tomb? Waking Franklin up? Do any or all of the above.

If you were worried that Howard might not have time to visit Balboa Towers for Season 5 of the Netflix show, you can now rest easy. Even though he really probably should be, idk, maybe editing a Star Wars movie and doing post-production on it since it opens in 197 days, Howard has found time to visit his old stomping grounds, aka the Banana Stand. The director-actor-narrator-Han-Solo-savior shared to his social channels that he was once again stopping by the show to play himself. Because, of course.

It also appears that this is a SPOILER, so you know, gaze at Howard’s picture at your own risk.

In his tweet, he shares that he’s back, and his real-life wife, Cheryl, will also make an Arrested Development appearance…and what’s that his apron says? “Howard You Like Your Burger?” Are the Bluths about to face some top banana competition from a burger place with a punny name?

And it’s also assumed that Howard will be back for his typical narrating duties, since it won’t be a clear-cut situation for comedy without him.

But we’ll just have to wait and see. Season 5 of Arrested Development will hopefully land on Netflix sometime in 2018 and Solo will hit theaters on May 25th, 2018, so 2018 is just going to be bursting with Ron Howard.