This aromatherapy pillow has us intrigued (because we will do anything for sleep)

If a product claims it can help us sleep easier at night, we’re sold. We’ve tried aromatherapy sprays, detergents, and even heated stuffed animals in the past. So when we saw this aromatherapy pillow pop up on our radar, we just assumed it was more of the same techniques. But it looks like we might be wrong.

This memory foam aromatherapy pillow by Malouf has been infused with real lavender, so no spray is required. It’s called the Zoned Dough Memory Foam Pillow, and a Queen size retails for $100 on Amazon.

According to the product description, lavender essential oil has been used for centuries to “support healthy sleep” and aid with relaxation.

The Malouf Dough memory foam personalizes your comfort level, and large holes in the foam to offer more head and neck support while also making the pillow breathable.

You seriously had us at aromatherapy pillow. We’re in. Take our money.

Speaking of money, as we mentioned, this pillow will set you back $100, which we agree is high for a pillow price. But to be fair, along with your pillow, you also get a corresponding aromatherapy spray and a soft mesh cover.

The pillow is also available in chamomile and peppermint, if those are more your jam. You can even opt for a travel-size Malouf Zoned Dough pillow for $24.99, if you want to give it a try before you invest.

Or, to really test the lavender effects while protecting your wallet, buy yourself some cheap lavender spray for your bedding or dry out some sprigs and keep them on your bedside table.

But if this aromatherapy pillow can really improve our sleep, then we might just have to start a savings jar.