What is Arnold’s last name on ‘Hey Arnold!’? The show’s creators finally revealed it.

Even though it’s been over 10 years since we parted ways with the Hey Arnold! series, the interest in the last name of the lead character never waned. Because the show was a major childhood staple for many and has since been the subject of two films, plenty of fans still want to know: what is Arnold’s last name?

As it turns out, Hey Arnold! internet detectives have already cracked the case. Yep, it was one of those “hidden in plain sight” type of situations, but just in case anyone needs confirmation about what you already knew, show creator Craig Bartlett revealed Arnold’s last name to Buzzfeed during a Comic-Con panel.

OK guys, hopefully this makes you feel that much closer to your beloved animated ’90s character. Honestly, we’re kind of cool with not knowing his full name up until now. While the name isn’t as unique as that hot guy who voiced Arnold, it still has a sophisticated ring to it, which is great because it complements Arnold’s new grown-up look.