Armie Hammer’s daughter had a hugely cute revelation while watching “Cars 3”

We’re willing to guess that your first time in a movie theater probably didn’t involve seeing your father onscreen. However, the daughter of Cars 3 star Armie Hammer, had a first cinematic experience that’s definitely one to remember.

Two-year-old Harper Hammer joined her family for the premiere of Cars 3. In the film,her father voices the race car Jackson Storm, rival of Owen Wilson’s Lightning McQueen. Jackson Storm is part of a new, high-tech class of cars, trying to out-speed aging fan favorite Lightning McQueen, who is on the brink of retiring.

Bringing a child to the movies is always a bit nerve-racking. Will they cry out and disrupt the other viewers? Will they start squirming in their seat?

However, Harper handled it with grace, Hammer told People. It helped that the the theater is located in Disneyland.

But it was a big event for Harper: her very first trip to the movies!

“This was her first time going with me to sit through a movie. This was going to be my litmus test. It proves that anyone can watch this movie if a 2 1/2-year-old girl can watch it and be completely enthralled the whole time, Hammer said.

Her only outburst was when she adorably spotted her dad’s voice and needed to make sure the whole theater knew.

“At one point in one of the scenes that was kind of quiet, she turns to me and she goes, ‘Dada, that’s your voice up there! Hammer told People. “‘I go, ‘Yeah yeah, shh.’ And the woman behind me started laughing and [Harper] goes ‘Okay okay,’ and she turned back to watching the movie.

We’re impressed with Harper’s observation. After all, Owen Wilson’s kids still don’t believe he’s Lightning McQueen, even  three movies in! We wonder if Harper will now assume her dad has a role in every movie she sees in the theater. These kids, guys. How cute are they?

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