Armie Hammer Reportedly Checked Into a Rehab Facility for Treatment

Sources say he has been there since May 31st.

After “Effie” gave a virtual press conference in March, detailing her experience with actor Armie Hammer’s sexual violence, Hammer checked himself into an in-patient facility on May 31st to seek help for drug, alcohol, and sex abuses. According to Vanity Fair, who confirmed this story with three separate sources, Hammer was dropped off at the facility by his estranged wife, Elizabeth Chambers, and their two children.

Vanity Fair reports that Hammer reached out to Chambers in late May to ask for her help in seeking treatment. She and Hammer decided to check him into a facility near Orlando, Florida, and Hammer will reportedly willingly stay there until he feels as though he is healthy enough to leave.

A close friend of Hammer’s hinted to Vanity Fair that Hammer may have experienced some trauma during his childhood that may have contributed to his current situation.

In mid-January, screenshots of private messages between Hammer and an unnamed person showed that Hammer was interested in being sexually violent with this potential romantic partner, which included his desire to partake in cannibalistic acts—consent was never part of the equation within the message chain.

A woman who goes by the name Effie later came forward with her own story of sexual violence at the hands of Hammer, and an investigation by the Los Angeles Police Department kicked off in mid-March.

While the screenshots and statements were bubbling to the surface, Hammer called the accusations “bullshit claims.” Through her lawyer, Gloria Allred, Effie told Vanity Fair, “While I am glad that Armie is finally getting the help I begged him to get for so long, this does not take away all of the immense pain and suffering he has caused me.”

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