This street in Arizona is flooded with pizza dough

Pizza. It’s what’s for dinner. Especially if you happen to live in Northern Arizona in the vicinity of U.S. Highway 89, where a semi truck carrying 22 tons of pizza dough crashed into a guardrail in the wee hours of the morning and overturned, spilling dough all over the road.

Fortunately, no one was injured in the crash. Law enforcement officers suspect the cause of the accident might have been fatigue, which seems about right. Lugging 22 tons of pizza dough and flour around sounds awfully exhausting.

We can only imagine what Arizonians must have thought when they woke up this morning to the (literal) sight of the streets flowing with fresh pizza dough. But the timing is sort of convenient considering that October is National Pizza Month, and Halloween is the third most popular night of the year for eating pizza. (#1 and 2 are Super Bowl Sunday and New Year’s Eve.)  If you’re wondering just how many pizzas you can get out of 22 tons of dough, the answer is 44,500 large pies. That’s a crazy amount of pizza, guys. Americans eat pizza at the rate of 350 slices per second, so we’re guess all that dough won’t last forever.

Anyone up for a road trip?

Arizona (aka Land of Pizza), here we come.


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[Images via Shutterstock and Twitter.]