Everything You Need to Know If Your Zodiac Sign Is Aries

You are strong-willed, passionate, and direct.

Hey Aries, doesn’t it feel good to be in charge again? We’re sure the answer to that is a resounding hell yes. Seeing as you’re the first sign of the zodiac, your birthday season probably fully feels like your time to shine. With passions completely ablaze, your competitive nature at its height, and your general big boss vibes in full swing, it’s time to celebrate all that makes you, you. 

If you’re not an Aries, the season of the ram—which extends from March 20th until April 20th—can bring out your fiery side. You may be more driven to achieve your goals at this time, a lot more frank with your opinions, and maybe slightly more impulsive as the sun moves into its new position. But fret not, as this newfound adrenaline to get it done may make for a productive season that lights something up inside of you.

And if you are an Aries, you are in for a treat. But what exactly does it mean if Aries is your zodiac sign? HelloGiggles recruited the help of astrologer Lisa Stardust to find out everything we can about this Mars-ruled personality. Here are the essentials:

Birth Dates: March 20 until April 20

Symbol: The ram

Ruling planet: Mars

Element: Fire

Quality: Cardinal

Season: Spring

Your defining character traits:

Being ruled by Mars, the God of War, Aries is a strong-willed sign with defining traits to match. According to Stardust, the Ram’s key identifying characteristics are “impulsive, passionate, determined, strategic, and direct.” A no-nonsense drive is what propels an Aries and makes them such a force to be reckoned with.

Who you’re compatible with:

According to Stardust, an Aries won’t settle for someone who is complacent or too go-with-the-flow. They crave a tenacity from their partner that can mirror their own. “Aries tend to gravitate towards people who are go-getters,” Stardust says. “They like to be able to prove they are the best of the flock by being in the company of those who push them to work harder and make moves.” This makes Aries most compatible with:

Fire signs: Because they like seeing their own traits reflected in their partner, Aries is instantly attracted to other fire signs. “Basically, [they like] people who make them strive to be the best versions of themselves,” Stardust says. These signs include fellow Aries, as well as Leos and Sagittariuses. Since Sags are also known to be extremely direct and are adventurers who fly wherever the wind blows them, Aries will never get bored in this partnership. Like Aries, Leos take a lot of pride in themselves and their achievements, which can motivate Aries to do better.

Air signs: The three air signs—Aquarius, Gemini, and Libra—also suit Aries well. A Gemini will have the mysterious, flirtatious nature that Aries truly enjoys, while a Libra’s balanced style can tame Aries’ bad temper. Aquarius, who is also often unpredictable and very smart, will keep Aries intrigued.

Your lucky days in 2020:

For each zodiac sign, there are a set of days throughout the year that can bring luck in different aspects of life. Depending on the positions of the planets and constellations, you can find luck in areas like love, career, money and friendships. According to Stardust, the days that Aries should mark on their calendar for 2020 are March 25th, April 10th, May 29th, June 5th, August 17th, August 18th, November 21st, December 14th, and December 19th.

Your ideal career paths:

Aries will only thrive in a career where they’re in charge. They gravitate toward high-powered jobs where success can be measured by raises, promotions, and titles. While the business field is typically number one for Aries, Stardust says that Aries also loves the careers of “entrepreneur, stockbroker, professional athlete, manager, or investigator.”

Your ultimate purpose in life:

For Aries, the ultimate goal is to find what they want out of life, and drive headfirst into it like the ram that they are. “Aries must learn that they need to move towards their will and embrace their goals without hesitation,” Stardust says. “They must bravely move towards the future and go their own independent way in order to be the innovator that they are inside.”

So basically, Aries, you’re kind of a full-on personality who won’t stop at anything. Your success is always your own, and you get to the places you want to go through the sheer force of your will.

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