This how the Aries New Moon will be affecting your zodiac sign

The Aries New Moon on April 15th is coming in hot. In true Aries fashion, this moon promises to be a force to be reckoned with. Think impulsiveness, assertiveness, and a desire for *big* change. Basically, we’re in for a rebirth. (Hell yasss.) And don’t worry — we’ve got you covered when it comes to what the Aries New Moon will mean for your zodiac sign.

Talk about spring fever! That’s what this New Moon in Aries is going to feel like. The signs are bursting to create and celebrate the new. One of the greatest aspects of this new moon is the lack of force we’re using to create what we want. Instead of “making” things happen no matter what, we’re accepting the things we cannot change and putting our energy into what we can change. Powerful stuff.

On that note, here’s how the Aries New Moon will affect your zodiac sign.


You’re in a competition with yourself, Aries. You want to be better than you were yesterday. There’s nothing wrong with self-improvement, as long as you also allow yourself to celebrate and accept your imperfections. Basically, as you’re creating the new you, don’t forget to love ALL of you.


You’re in the midst of a balancing act, Taurus. One side of you wants to rush ahead and start that new project/relationship, while the other side wants to approach it cautiously and carefully (as you typically tend to do). Here’s a compromise: jump in, but make sure you have boundaries.


You’re in for plenty of adventure, Gemini, if you want it. And of course you do! You’re definitely up for anything that’s drastically different from the so-called hamster wheel you’ve been treading lately. Just be careful to harness any impulsiveness that could backfire.


You’re feeling a push and pull of emotions, Cancer. On one hand, you want to create something new — however, your past is still haunting you. The thing is, nothing different can enter your life if you’re still gripping onto the past. It’s time to create new space for new memories.


You’re hungry for something passionate and powerful, Leo, as you always are. Yet, this is a different, new feeling for you because you want t create something that doesn’t solely have to do with *your* success. Instead, you’re looking at something broader and more worldwide. This is huge. Go with it.


If you take yourself less seriously today, Virgo, then you’ll attract tons of new adventures and opportunities. This is big for you, I know, because you’re so practical and hard on yourself. But the stars promise that if you truly allow yourself to lighten up, you’re not only going to enjoy yourself — you’re going to also see your world open up.


Don’t be surprised if you meet your match, Libra. This could mean romantically, platonically, or professionally. But whatever it is, you’re in for a ride. Of course, when we meet our true match, they’ll undoubtedly push our buttons. Which means that you shouldn’t say “no” to the person who challenges you. Level up.


You’re feeling more like yourself than you have in some time, Scorpio. Since you’re really in your zone right now, you’re all about the whole “my body is my temple” philosophy. Now is a good time to join a new fitness class, try out some plant-based recipes, and/or devote some time to meditating.


You’re in a lighter mood, Sag, which means everyone’s gravitating to your fun-loving vibes. As much as you do love the attention, you’re more about cracking jokes and making people laugh. Enjoy this lighter mood. Remember it when times get tough and know it’s within you always.


You’re demanding a lot from yourself right now, Cappy. Your ambitious nature has a tendency to be a little more aggressive than usual, which means you should slooooow it down. It sounds counter-intuitive, but when our energy is less attached, we often get what we want anyway. So…chill.


A creative spark is bringing out a competitive streak, Aquarius, which is kinda weird for you. You’re not usually this person, but you’re so passionate about this project/idea that you don’t care if this is out of character. You’re in strategy and #girlboss mode. Embrace it.


You usually live in your head, Pisces, but this Aries influence is causing you to take action towards making those dreams come true. Remember: even baby steps count. Let your intuition guide you — as it tends to do — but don’t be afraid to go after what you want. You deserve it!

This Aries New Moon is one of initiation and action, which makes it a super powerful and dynamic time. Call on your inner Beyoncé to help you get what you want. You got this, bbs.

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