What the Aries New Moon means for you (and for everything you’ve been putting off)

Two cosmically major things are happening on Sunday, April 15th. Firstly, come Sunday, we’ll finally be free of Mercury Retrograde (although the retroshade will stick around for another two weeks). And secondly, the Aries New Moon will peak on Sunday night. What exactly does the New Moon being in Aries mean? Let’s take a look at the zodiac.

From a technical standpoint, when the moon passes through Aries, this means the “lunar sky path is crossing the first sector of the zodiac — between ∠0°-30°, where the constellation of Aries [is located],” according to LunaF.com. In simpler terms, on the 15th, the moon will be located in Aries, the first sign on the astrological zodiac circle.

But when we talk about the “meaning” of the Aries Full Moon, we’re less concerned with technicalities than we are with how it will affect our lives. Many believe the moon and zodiac have major pulls on our energy and overall existence.

When the new moon occurs while in Aries, this sets us up for achieving goals and enacting new plans. New moons signify new beginnings and Aries, being a fire sign, supplies you with passion and eagerness to get the ball rolling. Because it’s the first sign to appear on the zodiac, Aries often leads the charge and gets stuff done.

Sunday is the day to finally dig into that project you’ve been putting off, because the universe will be on your side 110%.

It’s also important to be aware that frustration might try to thwart these new plans. According to the Cosmic Kundalini Newsletter, headstrong Aries can influence anger during the new moon. Try your best to manage any rage that might flare up with a few breathing exercises, or step away from the task at hand to collect yourself.

The sun is also currently in Aries and will be until April 19th. This means you’re getting an extra boost of energy and fire to fuel your next big move.

Like any new moon, take initiative and start something new on April 15th. Let the confident Aries drive you to begin that new project, that new relationship, or that new career move. We wish you luck on your upcoming endeavor — whatever it may be.

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