These are the Aries New Moon effects we should look out for this weekend

If you’ve had a project on the back burner that you just haven’t completed (or haven’t even started), it’s time to clean off the cobwebs. The Aries New Moon is arriving on April 15th, and it’s going to give us a much-needed boot in the butt to get certain things off the ground. What exactly are the Aries New Moon effects? Clear your Sunday schedule because it’s time to get work done.

New moons signify new beginnings and fresh starts. This is the first phase of lunar cycle when the moon is almost completely dark. Therefore, like new moons, we also get to clean our slates and start anew. It’s during the days surrounding a new moon that you’ll want to begin new projects, relationships, or take a step towards a major life or career change.

Because the moon will be traveling through Aries in the zodiac when it enters its new phase, we’re going to feel an extra boost of energy, passion, and drive to get our goals accomplished. Aries, the first sign in the zodiac, is a fire sign and its energy is all about being unstoppable in life and at the task at hand.

We’re also currently at the tail end of Aries season, which started on March 20th and will last until April 19th. Since the end of March, we’ve been inspired by Aries to take risks and try new things.

This weekend’s new moon will be the peak hurrah for you to banish the old and bring in the new. Set aside some time for a major spring cleaning session so you can really reap the benefits of the Aries New Moon — without being distracted by clutter that will only get in the way of your new projects.

Prepare to feel unstoppable with these Aries New Moon effects, and like you can achieve anything you set your sights on. Let the light of the new moon (or lack thereof) guide you to an open door, and let Aries give you the push you need to cross the threshold.

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