Ariel Winter wears a t-shirt as a dress, because let’s face it, pants suck

One of the first things we all do after a long day is take off our pants because no one likes the feeling of their legs being restricted. It’s one of those things we all do in our own homes, but Ariel Winter proves the no-pants preference can actually be a killer fashion statement.

The Modern Family star posted a series of photos to her Instagram Stories feed showing off her unique fashion choice.

We can totally see this becoming a thing.

She created this genius “dress” by tying the bottom of the shirt into a knot, turning the most basic white tee into the perfect excuse to never wear pants again.

Pants are SO overrated.

This isn’t the first time she took regular wear to the next level with a little creativity. Earlier this week the actress walked the Just Jared Summer Bash red carpet pairing a bathing suit with some jean shorts and high heels, and her incredible confidence that makes anything she wears a standout.

If the weather is unbearably hot where you live, maybe take a page out of Ariel’s stylebook and wear your own t-shirt dress!

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