Ariel Winter wears boots with the fur to the pool and it’s next level

Considering the way she naturally adapts to each and every fashion trend, it’s hardly a surprise that Ariel Winter’s photo-shoot for Elle Magazinewas bold and dreamy. She was dolled up as a ’70s-inspired swimming pool goddess (yes pools have goddesses, too). The actress was draped in pretty vintage-inspired clothing and she seriously looked straight out of a Lana Del Rey music video.

The charming 18-year-old Modern Family star and body positive Dove ambassador is one of four young starlets featured in Elle Magazine’s latest photoshoot: The New Class.

The feature is designed to highlight young women in the spotlight who use their Internet presence for positive purposes, which perfectly describes Ariel Winter’s approach to social media. The other women in the shoot include Scream Queens actress Keke Palmer, Disney star Skai Jackson, and Kylie Jenner’s BFF Jordyn Woods.

We can’t get over the fact that Ariel looks like she stepped off the set of Three’s Company, except with less landlord drama and more fur.

She naturally pairs this gorgeous floral top with jean shorts. Doesn’t she look like a woman who starts her days listening to Joni Mitchell while staring longingly out of her window?

Perhaps our favorite look from the shoot took on a more casual ’70s style, with bright multi-colored stripes and Ariel’s huge hoop earrings.

You can check out more of the actress’s looks and the full splendor of the photoshoot on the Elle Magazine website.

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