Ariel Winter opened up about how she stays body positive despite all the unwanted DMs she gets on Instagram

It is no secret that the DM section of anyone’s social media feed can get pretty dicey. And celebrities are not immune. Ariel Winter opened up about her direct messages about how she stays body positive despite all the unwanted attention. And we are living for it.

The young starlet has been all over the news lately. It’s Ariel’s outspoken attitude and message of self-love and body acceptance that everyone gravitates to. In addition to being part of an incredible ensemble cast on Modern Family, Ariel is a brand all on her own. But that doesn’t mean everything is peachy all the time. Winter is constantly harassed and slut-shamed by strangers online.

But slut-shaming isn’t the only response she gets to her sexy shots.

She also gets a lot of suggestive messages. As a public figure that often times shares photos from her private life online, Ariel has learned to be selective with who she communicates with.

"I only read DMs from people I follow—because of the amount of gross DMs I got. I would look at them and be like, this is nasty…I’m not gonna reply to this," Ariel said in an interview with Maxim.

If you’ve ever taken a look at the comment section of any post Winter puts up, there is a good amount of support and hate all at once. Some people are encouraging, and some people are ruthlessly mean. Nonetheless, Ariel continues to be open and shares her life with her fans. But that doesn’t mean she has to respond to random dick pics.

Despite the unwanted DMs, Ariel has gone of record as a supporter of social media. We’re glad that she’s found a way to express herself and her style despite the haters. Keep doing you, Ariel — because you’re awesome.

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