Ariel Winter is a true goddess in this photoshoot for “Rogue Magazine”

Ariel Winter, the utterly charming Modern Family actressand shining star of body positivity, did a photoshoot with Rogue Magazine, and as expected, she looks incredible. Aside from dropping some hard truths about what it’s like being a woman in the entertainment industry, Winter managed to look fab in some amazing shots.

In these photos, Winter stands clearly and gorgeously in command of herself.

Naturally, she snapped some behind-the-scenes shots with one of her many assistants.

You can access the full-spread of dreamy photos and accompanying interview by ordering a copy of Rogue Magazine’s Fall 2016 issue online, which is jam-packed with stars!

But first, let’s sneak a peek at one more photo of Winter, because she is truly giving out queen vibes in these.

That’s our girl.

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