Ariel Winter celebrated Canada Day in this silky pink robe romper

Yesterday was Canada Day and, never one to miss a party, Ariel Winter and her Canadian boyfriend Levi Meaden were celebrating the holiday. And thought the couple was cute, it was Ariel Winter’s fashion that dazzled our eyes once again when she posted herself in yet another awesome outfit.

Ariel wore a silky pink romper, and we think we might be in love. The romper is romantic, flirty and teensy bit sexy. (Okay, it’s super sexy.) We also love how the Canada Day temporary tattoo on her cheek compliments the outfit. And what about Ariel’s punch red hair? She sure knows how to coordinate an outfit for any ole celebration. And now, we know who to call for snazzy fashion advice!

Ariel is no stranger to controversial fashion.

But hey — we love a girl who takes risks and isn’t afraid of the plunging neckline or the magnificent underboob. Taking risks is what keeps life interesting. Plus, Ariel has an ever-evolving look. It’s exciting and fresh. And why not? She’s only 19, and there’s no better time to experiment.

Oh, and her boyfriend, Levi Meaden, definitely loved this look.

He even posted it on his Instagram page for all to see.

Levi wrote in his caption, “Trucks and fake tattoos. She’s Canadian now. Happy Canada Day eh!!!”

Whatever could he mean? Ariel’s born in the good ole US of A. Perhaps, what he meant was that deep down, she knows how to party like a Canadian. She’s spunky, sweet and appreciates the word ‘eh.’ But we also can’t help but think about those matching tattoos the couple got recently. Hmmm.

Anyway, back to the goods.

We know you’re dying to know where to get a similar romper to show off those dangerous curves.

Lucky you for you, we found this little number.


Forever 21’s Selfie Leslie Satin Romper, $45.

If you’ve got the money to splurge, this one has the sleeves.


Tobi’s Winona Arielle Biscuit Wrap Playsuit, $190.

No, they’re not exact matches for Ariel’s romper, but they are super cute. We love those ruffled bottoms. And for only $45.00, you can’t really go wrong with that first look.

It’s a perfect addition to the warm weather and for any celebration. And, hey — the USA’s birthday is up next! Borrowing Ariel’s outfit just might be the way to go.

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