Ariel Winter shared her senior yearbook picture with us, and it’s stunning

Ariel Winter of Modern Family has been turning heads with her Instagram presence as of late. First, it was the way that she blew up her Instagram a few months ago with photos from her prom, reminding us that she’s just like normal teens, getting dressed up and excited to dance the night away with a special someone. Then, Ariel kicked some body shamer butt after receiving a crazy amount of negative feedback on a photo in which she wore a bikini while at the beach with her nieces. And now, she’s gifted us with her glorious senior yearbook photo.

And she looks stupidly good. Posted a day ago, the Instagram shows Winter posing for her senior portrait with flawless makeup, flowing long hair, and two beautiful gold necklaces to accent the black shawl often draped over students in senior photos.

Winter captioned the photo with a simple thank you. “My senior photo arrived thank you to all that saw the light in me and helped me get where I am! You know who you are.” She closed the caption with a single heart emoji.

Winter has been through a lot in the past few years, including a major breast reduction surgery, and emancipation from her mother. So we love to see our girl keeping on and being so confident and humble about where she comes from and where she’s headed (amazing places).

Congratulations, Winter! We’re so proud of you!

(Images via Shutterstock, Instagram)