Ariel Winter just rocked a ’90s trend we’ve been missing like crazy

She may have been born in 1998 (!!), but Ariel Winter just rocked a ’90s trend we’ve been hoping would make a comeback since the earliest part of that decade. Now get ready…

Wearing a super cute, crop-top-and-leggings gym outfit, Ariel topped off her look with a vintage monkey backpack.

We love seeing this bag walking the streets of Los Angeles — but we’re kind of wondering how she got her hands on it since she’s definitely not old enough to have had one in the ’90s! However, regardless of how she got it, Ariel werked that bag and made us want to find one of our own ASAP.

Back in the day, monkey backpacks were most popular with ravers (who stuffed them full of glow sticks and plastic pacifiers and danced all night long), but they went out of vogue when cell phones became nearly universal and swinging your backpack around to dig around for your phone proved to be too tedious for most.

These days, monkey bags are really hard to find (try eBay if you’re desperate for one!), yet we hope that after seeing this little backpack on Winter, manufacturers will take note and give this bag the comeback it deserves.

Long live the tiny, impractical monkey backpack!

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