Ariel Winter got a new best friend and We. Must. Pet!!!

We’re all about Modern Family star Ariel Winter. Not only is she a talented actress, but she’s also an incredibly funny, frank, outspoken feminist role model who stands up for what she believes in. It feels like everything she says and does just makes us more happy to see her out and about, kicking butt in the world.

It goes without saying, but Ariel is basically everything you could ever want in a pretend celebrity best friend. So that’s why we’re super excited that she has recently welcomed her own new best friend into her home and posted about her on Instagram.

Her name is Chloe, and she is an adorable German Sheperd rescue puppy.

The caption reads: “Welcome to the family Chloe! @westsidegermansheperdrescue”

We’re loving how happy both girl and pup look in this picture.

Ariel already has two dogs, an adorably fluffy Samoyed named Casper and a smaller pup named Rocco.

She loves sharing photos of both dogs on Instagram and we hope we see plenty more photos of Chloe, too!

It is already so apparent that Ariel and Chloe are connecting and ready to go on so many dog-friendly adventures! On top of that, Chloe just looks like the sweetest, most cuddly puppy out there, and it is so beyond cool that Ariel adopted her and gave a shout-out to the shelter in the Instagram post. Here’s to hoping that we see more of Chloe on Ariel’s Instagram!

So congratulations to Ariel and Chloe! This looks like the beginning of a beautiful best friendship!

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