Ariel Winter’s little black dress looks like something Jessica Rabbit would wear in October

Never one to shy away from a seriously sexy outfit, Ariel Winter brought the fire when she attended a film festival this weekend. And she was basically a beacon of confidence.

Rocking the red carpet at an event hosted by actor-training school Gray Studios, Winter showed the world exactly what Jessica Rabbit would wear if the cartoon character could ever gothically switch up her outfit.


The Jessica Rabbit resemblance is uncanny.


Ariel has said in the past that dressing her body can be a “challenge” because she has a “more mature” figure. In an interview with People, she explained, “[My body is] a blessing and a curse. I have to find things that are appropriate to wear but also fit my body well, so it still looks good.

Explaining how she picks her outfits without straying too far from her taste, she added,

"I have more of an edgier style. I’m not pink, ruffled, preppy. I like the bodysuits, I love the color black. So the mature style and the more mature body goes with the age that I would like to be."

While Winter — who is 18 years old — has faced criticism for her fashion choices, she remains confident and true to herself at every turn. And, frankly, we’re huge fans of her style — so we couldn’t be happier to see her dressing in outfits that both look great and make her feel like the goddess she is!

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